Welcome graduate students! 

Explore this page to learn how to navigate the University of Minnesota as a graduate student. 

Registering for Classes

Keep an eye on the U of M Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines related to registration, tuition and fees! Find your registration time here. Registering for the first time? Here’s how. Don’t forget to reference kingrad.umn.edu/ as well for a variety of resources to help you during your graduate school career.

Please make sure you register promptly! Graduate level classes are at risk of being canceled if they don’t have adequate enrollment.

Degree Completion Steps & GPAS

Are you getting close to graduation? Make sure to take a look at the Degree Completion Steps for your program! The steps are sequential but can be complex; I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to take a look at your checklist.

Connect with your Graduate Program Coordinator

I am here for you! If you have questions or concerns about your GPAS or other degree progress concerns, please click here to set up an advising appointment, set up a meeting on Google Calendar using your UMN email address, or contact me via email or Google Chat at [email protected]! I can handle most issues in ten minutes or less! I look forward to meeting with you. - Sara